Special Ticketing Situations

School Reading Discount Voucher:

To purchase an admission ticket with the "school reading program" discount call 219-947-7850 ext. 604 with the date you wish to come and then pay.  We'll need the students name and bar code number off the voucher.  When you arrive, you will give us the voucher at will-call (in group sales office) and receive your ticket.

Season Passes:

You are allowed admission daily.  Just come and check in as normal.  If you do not have your pass yet call 219-947-7850 or get on first visit.

Hospitality Vouchers Expiring 6/30/20:

They are valid any day during the 2020 season

Holiday Ticket Vouchers or Packages

Just follow the directions on the voucher you received.  Take the voucher you received, either printed out or on cell phone, to will-call in group sales.

Contest Winners

Just follow directions you received.

How do you keep control of admission numbers?

For those wondering about our capacity… based on our 22 acres of park this season and allowing 36 sq. feet per person ( social distancing guidelines), our capacity is over 8,000 people.

We are selling 1,500 tickets per day online and we currently have apx. 2,000 total passholders, of which 3-400 show up daily...in fact, if everyone shows up on same day we're good!  

As you can see we are well below the mandated 50% capacty limits, all of which we are doing to try and keep people as safe as possible.

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