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Deep River Waterpark Group Policy


Deep River Waterpark is a publicly owned family waterpark, and as such, all activities must be of a family friendly nature.  All events taking place at the waterpark or on waterpark property must and will be appropriate for all ages, individual persons and groups. Intent of the specific use for the reservation must be made in writing prior to approval of rental. Failure to abide by said rule and failure to follow the declared use of the park may be cause for cancellation of reservation at any time. 

Additionally, we can not allow DJ's with amplified music or any sound equipment to be plugged into our speaker network.  All amplified audio has to be approved in advance and can not carry outside of main park.

All use of the Deep River Waterpark logo or name for promotional or advertising materials must be approved in advance and in writing by the Office of Lake County Parks.  


Please check for more information.

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