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Have your own Private Oasis!

2024 Group Shelter Rentals











Please note:
The "Seating at one time" column indicates the number that may be seated at the same time...a group of let's say 150 could still rent a Gazebo, because most people will not be sitting in the shelter, they will be out in the park.

Consider a covered area as a great way to have a gathering point for your group within the waterpark...a place to meet, relax and get out of the sun. If you are having catering we will serve your meal at your shelter/gazebo.


Shelters require a full payment as a deposit, when making the reservation.  The deposit is non-refundable unless the reservation is canceled by calling 219-947-7850 ext. 604 a minimum of 48 hours before your reserved date, providing the date you are reserved for, your name, and phone number you can be reached at at.

*- All prices are subject to sales tax unless your group is exempt.


*Are you a tax exempt group with a confirmation letter from the state?
Then to reserve your shelter and not pay tax follow these instructions...
1) Fax your tax exempt letter to 219-947-7349 attn: Group Sales
2) Call group sales at 219-947-7850 ext. 604 to make payment by credit card and reserve the shelter. 
Do not reserve the shelter on-line...Thanks!

Large Group Sheter
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