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It's a lot of FUN coming to Deep River Waterpark & it can also
generate $$ for your organization!

Frequently we are contacted by groups that would like to utilize the areas favorite Summer fun spot to help raise funds and we're all about that!  The below are some of the ways, but if you have another idea please run it  by us.  

The concept is you have one fee you pay us, you then decide what to charge your people, and the difference is what you keep.  There are options where there is no risk and there are some options with some risk, but much more reward potential.

You bring the people...we pay you $$

This program is perfect for PTO's and other groups looking for a fund raising opportunity.  Once we confirm your date we will send you vouchers you distribute to your people...when your people arrive at the waterpark they hand the voucher to the cashier and pay for regular admission (rates are here)...after your day(s) we run a report on how many vouchers we received and send you a check for the number of vouchers received X $2.00!  There's absolutely no risk to you and if 200 people attend, you receive a check for $400.00!


Consignment Admission Tickets...

Our regular ticket prices this season are $41.95 weekends & $39.95 midweek...your price to us is $32.95.  These tickets can only be sold to your group (not general public) and would be valid for any day all season long.  Let's say you sell them for $35.95 and you sell would make $600.00 at no risk to you.

Private Parties...

As the title says, these outings allow you private use of the waterpark.  You receive early entry at 4pm and your private time starts at 5:30pm.  You can choose a 2, 3 or 4 hour private event.  Pricing is all available at this link, but let's say you have a 2 hour private party on a Friday in July for 1000 people.  Your cost would be $7,990.00 or $7.99 per person.  If you charge your people $12.00 you would take in $12,000.00...and $4,010.00 would be yours to keep.

The Hobart YMCA one summer raised $13,910.00 with a 2 1/2 hour private party!

Contact us fast, most dates renew year after year with groups coming back...but some great dates are available.

Group Outing...

Pick a date to come to Deep River Waterpark.  

Group rates with advance reservations and a minimum of 25 people are $32.95.  

As an example, if you charge your people for the outing $34.95 and you get 50 people, you pay us $32.95 per person, and you just made $100 for your group. More if your trip is before 6/9/23.

Prices subject to change before contracting

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