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There are so many partnership opportunities that can be created to fulfill your unique needs...

Contact us today to creatively explore the many possibilities. 


Why do companies partner with waterparks?

At Deep River Waterpark you'll find an atmosphere that creates a unique experience where families and friends come together to make positive memories that last a lifetime.  The perfect opportunity for brand exposure.

• We reach a diverse regional audience that reaches all demographics

• Waterparks are a natural environment for product exposure &/or sampling opportunities

• Our own in-park radio station "SPLASHtastic Radio" provides a way to reach a captive audience (apx. 1/4  million people a season), multiple times a day with your message,

• You have the opportunity to capture the consumers attention over an extended period of time...average stay is 5 hours

• Our environment gives you access to a captive audience, that provides the time for lasting engagement

• Our atmosphere reaches people when they are having FUN, yielding to an open positive lasting impact

There's a variety of possible marketing exposures...

• Collateral materials...brochures, flyers, maps, bounce-back couponing, etc.
• Physical presence... banners, buildings, rides, info signage, photo locations, sun tan lotion, cabanas, mascot appearances, product placement, the list goes on

• Your ads exclusively on "SPLASHtastic Radio", our own in-park station, reaching  more people than local radio stations daily

• Digitally our website has an average of 28,000 unique visits a week in-season, our Facebook page has over 68,000 followers, and our eNewsletter goes to over 30,000 subscribers...all are open to opportunities

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