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"Own" Deep River Waterpark...for a 2024 Private Party

Deep River Waterpark can be exclusively yours for the evening after 5:30pm!! 

Your group may start arriving at 4pm for evening sessions... stay while we clear the park of the general public  and at 5:30pm we open up rides!

A 2 hour private party would go until 7:30pm, a 3 hour till 8:30pm, etc.

All tubes after 5:30pm are provided free! 


Catering is available with lots of options and as you will see...well within your budget...and you SAVE 5% off your admission cost!

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Your total rate for the private rental consists of two figures

...the hourly fee [2 hours minimum] and the per person fee for those over 1000. 

As an example, a 2 hour private party on a Saturday in July, with 2000 people
would cost $6.87 per person

...and if you have a catered meal you can reduce your hourly cost by 5%!!


Private Party Rate structure:

Hourly rental charge (covers the first 1000 people):

Fri., Sat., & Sun. in July..$4995.00 per hour
Private Parties are only 
available during July

2 hour minimum.

[5% discount if your group has a catered meal] 


Per person charge (for those over the first 1000 people):

1001 - 1500= $4.00 per person

over 1500= $3.50per person

  Some Examples...  

• 1,000 people for 2 hours  = $9990.00 ($9.99 a person)
• 1,500 people for 3 hours = $16,985.00 ($11.32 per person)

• 2,000 people for 2 hours =$13,740.00 ($6.87 per person)


• If your entire group has a catered meal, you'll receive an additional 5% off the hourly rate.

Plus ... all the tubes are FREE, we will customize concession operations based on your needs, and since the park is private our catering staff is able to produce events that we can't do during public hours !

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