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A Funnel Cake

Hungry ?   Thirsty?


Our catering department delivers! 

Hot dogs, tacos, hamburgers, pizza parties, soda fountains, and lots more
brought right to your groups location fresh, at a prearranged time.
  From steaks to grilled brats our catering department is

anxious to be of service to very affordable prices, within your budget!

PLUS, when ordering off catering menu you'll save 5% off your admission cost!

Not looking for a problem!

How would your group like unlimited drinks all day?
...maybe some ice creamor some Dippin' Dots?
Check the menu, we have it all.


To reserve your catered meal and save 5% or just order some drinks and snacks give us a call today at 219-947-7850 ext. 604 

Please note about catering:


1) All groups that have a catered meal will receive a reserved area for food & beverage service, either private or shared, open or covered, depending on the group size and items ordered (to eat in not for full day) + REDUCED admission pricing (5% OFF), see additional information above.  NOTE > catering must be paid for a minimum 10 days prior to trip.


2) Upon check-in at Group Sales we will let you now where your

groups food/beverage serving area is.


3) If you wish to have an all day private shelter area for your group, it can be reserved (if available) by clicking here.  Shelters can also be reserved by groups that are not having a catered meal or individuals based on availability.


4) "Seat at one time" column indicates the number that may be seated at the same time...a group of let's say 150 could still rent a Gazebo, because most people will not be sitting in the shelter, they will be out in the park.


*- All catering prices are subject to sales tax unless your group is exempt.

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