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Deep River Waterpark originally thought about opening in 1994, but the desire to not open until everything was 100% ready to go, pushed back the opening to May 26, 1995...and a cold one it was...but the summer was very warm and the park attendance exceed 2X more than projected and we were off and running.

The "jingle" has been an integral part of our marketing efforts...and something, for the past 29 seasons, people just can't get out of their minds.  

As an aside, the "jingle" was voted one of the 10 most recognizable in Chicago by Chicago Area Media.

For a quick fix...listen below...

It's Simply SPLASHtastic! - Sweetwater Sound/MMOINC
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Lyrics by Sweetwater Sound & MMOINC/Tom Bergman
Music  by Sweetwater Sound 

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